About Kelly

We are very excited to to welcome American Sign Language instructor Kelly Hosna to Village Play Space for our first ASL: Play, Sign and Learn class session! 

With a background in education and expertise from using sign language with her two children, Kelly is ready to share her experiences of ASL with you! This rich and meaningful language can help improve communication in families, from pre-verbal babies through school aged children.​

Kelly's Story:

"When I had my little girl my husband had this crazy idea to start signing with her.  So we bought a baby sign book and dutifully attempted to sign milk consistently.  I didn’t think it would make a difference but it wasn’t hard.  To my surprise at about 9 months she started to wave a fist at me to say- hey mom get on with the milk.  It was amazing that she could not just point and whimper or scream like her peers.  Therefore we started additional signs from the book and she just took off.  Then we realized that we couldn’t learn the signs fast enough for her from a book and found the Signing Time DVDs.  They were amazing.  She was able to express herself and seemed to have fun.

When we had my son it wasn’t a question at all. We were definitely going to sign with him. In fact my daughter was excited to share her skills with him.  While he hasn’t been as quick to absorb the signs, it is still amazing that he could sign phrases.  At a year he would sign PLEASE FISH CRACKER.  This was his way of asking for goldfish.  How remarkable that he can express a specific request without crying while I point to every object."​

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