Family-Fun Friday: Prehistoric Sensory Bins

Today's activity comes from our Dinosaur Explorer's Day in July, which you and your little ones will love recreating at home -- Prehistoric Sensory Bins!

Why sensory bins?

Sensory bins are a blast for your toddler -- not only will they get to enjoy different textures and feel new substances, they will enjoy hunting for hidden toys inside! (Not to mention, we all know toddlers love mess!) These bins are perfect for free play, and structured play, too!

Here's what you'll need:

--1 plastic gallon tub

--1 bag of rice

--paintbrushes, shovels, scoops, spoons, and any other utensils your kiddos enjoy

-- several plastic dinosaurs

--seashells, fossils, rocks, smooth stones, etc.

The next part is easy, and the kids will love to get involved, too! Dump all your supplies into the tub (use a shower curtain for mess indoors, or just take it outside).

Let the little ones play, dig, sort, and dump! They will have a blast making a mess, and you'll have an easy clean up!

For more structured play, try out these tasks:

"Find me something blue/green/red/..."

"Can you find 3 dinosaurs?"

"Use a paintbrush to dust this fossil!"

"Use a shovel to dig!"

"Can you give that dinosaur a name? What would you call it?"

"Do you think this dinosaur eats plants or meat? Why?"

You can even make a whole day of it! Try pairing your sensory bin activity with a dinosaur story like How Do Dinosaurs Count to Ten? by Jane Yolen, or Dinosnore! by John Bendall-Brunello.

Let us know in the comments below if you and your little ones enjoyed this activity!

If you missed out on our dinosaur day, be sure to check out our Events Calendar here, so you can stay up to date on all of our special events!

(Safety Note: Always use adult supervision when playing with small toys. Be mindful of activities for children 3 and under regarding swallow risk.)


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